Pathology lab

The Pathology lab at Kansal is equipped and fully automated with modern machines required in diagnostics. The lab is ISO-9001 certified and also NBL accredited which talks about its superior infrastructure and dependability. The lab also has state-of- art X-ray facilities with fully automated machines.

We consistently follow the best of the International and National Quality protocols to ensure high level of accuracy in the pathology tests that are being done here. Our lab is a perfect destination where quality and dependable diagnostics services are being offered. The pathology tests which are being undertaken in our lab adhere to advanced techniques from Histopathology, Serology, Clinical Pathology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Hormones and Hematology. There are barcode levels which are being used for the perfect identification of samples. The bi-directional interfacing methodology is also being introduced in order to minimize chances of manual errors. Also the turn-around time for the reports to come is very short.

So, for all kinds of pathology tests-visit Kansal Path Labs and Diagnostics in Yamuna Vihar, New Delhi.

Blood test for diebetes

If you are lately experiencing prominent symptoms of frequent urination, increased thirst, sudden increase in appetite, sudden loss in weight and tingling of feet and hands; then these may be symptoms of diabetes. Under such circumstances, you must immediately see a doctor and opt for the blood tests for diabetes. There are three types of diabetes blood tests to confirm whether a person is suffering from diabetes.

The first is the fasting plasma glucose test (FPG). This is a very conventional method for the diagnosis of diabetes. It is easy to be done and also less expensive in comparison to the other tests. For taking this blood test, you need to fast for at least eight hours before taking the test. The second test is the Casual Plasma Glucose Test for Diabetes which is another popular method of diagnosing diabetes. In this test, the blood sugar level of the person is measured since the last meal. There is no such rule to abstain from eating before taking this test. The third is the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test for Diabetes. This is usually done during the pregnancy phase.

All the blood tests for Diabetes are being done at Kansal Path Lab & Diagnostics with extreme care and caution to provide accurate results.